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Atlanta Georgia 30308
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Make Future Workforce Development a Priority

Place a Pretty Tech Hub in Your Business

Request a Pretty Tech Hub in your workspace. It’s easy! Here’s how it works: Students set up a booth in your business space once a week, once a month, you decide.
Give students the opportunity to hone technical skills and professional soft skills through practical application, while giving them the confidence to pursue one of Georgia’s STEM career pathways.

Become a Job Partner: The Pretty Tech Career Accelerator seeks Local Businesses with Extra Space to partner with us and allow our bright and motivated young student professionals to showcase their tech skills.

Benefits of Becoming a Job Partner: It’s easy, become a partner now!

  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees
  • Work Based Learning addresses labor pool demands and increases the skill level of potential employees.
  • Work Based Learning supports workforce development initiatives.
  • Work Based Learning decreases the skills gap between employee and job requirements.

A Cost-Effective, Flexible Solution:
It doesn’t cost anything to allow a student an opportunity.

A Reliable, Trained Workforce:
Students receive mentorship as well as in-school and after-school training based on their selected career track.

An Investment in the Future:
• The talent pipeline of Atlanta—and your company—is enhanced by helping to train the future workforce.
• Boost a woman-inclusive culture
• Many aspects of your community are improved by creating opportunities for deserving young students.

The Opportunity: Your company can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students, offering them the opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization and to gain meaningful work experience, a valuable education, and marketable job skills as they prepare for their future.

Want to get Involved? To begin a conversation about how your company can work with Pretty Tech and our Cooperative Education Program. Contact us at (404) 692-2305 or


Students have the ability to look at problems differently than older employees.


Without the balance of women, innovation suffers.

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