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Atlanta Georgia 30308
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 Cultivating the Largest Talent Pipeline of Girls in Tech

Pretty Tech provides educational resources that trains students (6th-12th) in marketable tech skills
to prepare for their future careers in engineering, tech and entrepreneurship.

The Challenge

For ages, Girls have been perceived as pretty and prissy and boys have been perceived as technical and intellectual. We are here to change that by combining both worlds.
  1. Corporate Culture Issue: By age 15, girls are statistically proven to outperform boys in math and science all over the world. However, 40% of women who enter the engineering profession leave because of corporate culture. We seek to bring change by helping boys see girls in technical roles and girls see mentors in leadership roles.
  2. Lack of Qualified Talent issue: It is no secret that millions of STEM and manufacturing jobs are set to go unfilled by 2025. Pretty Tech trains students in basic fundamental engineering skills to prepare students for careers in tech, engineering and entrepreneurship.
  3. Lack of Diversity: STEM has always been male dominated with lack of a minority presence. Here at Pretty Tech we seek to inspire girls and minorities to pursue Tech careers through our program.

The Approach

To close the gap, we recruit diverse, high school students with high STEM aptitude to develop their skills and bring awareness to the lack of women in tech.
  1. Workshops: Students receive mentorship as well as a combination of in-school and after-school training based on their selected career track. You can find the list of Workshops here.
  2. Alumni leadership: Pretty Tech Alumni are encouraged to pay it forward by leading workshops, scheduling meet-ups and sharing their experience, tips and referrals.
  3. Strategic partnership: We partner with schools and local business to give students opportunities to interact in a real-world business environment.

The Impact

At the end of our program, students are left with the skills and support to become a full-time independent business owner or pursue other tech and engineering careers
  1. More than minimum wage: Being able to set your own wage and control your own time is a freeing experience. Students will graduate from high school with the continued support of Pretty Tech, a network of professional contacts, 2 years worth of business experience as well as the ability to set their own hours to work as little or as much as they want.
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