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1. What is the Pretty Tech Cooperative (Co-oP) Education Program?

Pretty Tech trains and provides work placement in hubs across the city. Students that participate in the program commit to work part-time for  for a minimum of 10-15 hours per week while school is in session.

Students shall coordinate with their school Work-Based Learning coordinators and Job partners to come up with an appropriate schedule.

2. Who can participate in the Pretty Tech Co-op Program?

A elementary school student will have to consult with their after school program coordinator.

A middle school student will have to consult with their after school program coordinator.

A High school student that meets the following requirements:

Acceptance into high school work-study program into one of the following Career Pathways:

  • STEM or IT Career Pathway: Electronics, Engineering & Technology, Engineering Design and Drafting, Computer Science, Health Information Technology, Information Support & Services, Networking, Programming, Web and Digital Design, Cyber security, Game Design, Internet of Things, Web Development, Bio-Med. (Other Career Tracks considered)
  • Technicians must be at least 16 years old although all grades may apply for a non-traveling HUB position.
  • A min. GPA of 3.0
  • Parental Approval
  • Satisfactory Attendance, academic and discipline records
  • On track for graduation
  • Must have Reliable Transportation and a Cell Phone
3. Can I join the Pretty Tech Co-op Program if I'm under 16?

Any school, home-based learning program and student is able to participate  to create their own Pretty Tech Hub. However, placement into a position with a corporate job partners will not take place until the student is 16 years old and has reliable transportation.

4. Does the Pretty Tech Co-op Program cost anything?

A one-time registration fee of $115/student will be assessed to cover student on-boarding, workshop supplies and uniform.

5. What are the benefits of the Co-op Program for Students?

Through the Co-op Program, students learn the value of work, and acquire real-world contacts, experience, and skills that will help them through college and beyond.

6. Does the work schedule interfere with students’ academic studies?

No, schedules are structured around the students courses in accordance with Georgia’s work-based learning requirements. Students are allowed a set amount of time off from school everyday to work with partners.

7. Will students get to choose where they work?

No. Students are interviewed and evaluated by Co-op Program staff, who then assign student teams to job sites, taking into consideration the students career-track, the skill level required for the job and the particular interests and skills of each student.

8. What kind of work will students do?

Most students perform entry-level work based on their career-track.  Specific job descriptions differ on a partner-by-partner basis. Students are expected to meet or exceed the level of professionalism and dedication demanded of their adult colleagues at the work place.

9. How are students prepared for their Co-op jobs?

They attend courses and workshops based on their selected career track before beginning their first offsite work assignment.  Students also participate in monthly meet-ups and recreation to receive encouragement from peers as well as ongoing feedback and training from employers and WBL staff throughout the school year.

10. Who supervises the students at work?

An on-site supervisor at the Job Partner company will guide and support students at work. WBL coordinators will coordinate with on-site supervisors to provide the necessary guidance, training, and care that students need to succeed in the workplace. All disciplinary actions are conducted by school WBL coordinators.

11. Can parents directly contact the company where their child works?

No. All communications to Job Partners are made through the Pretty Tech Office.

12. How do students get to work each day?

Students are required to have reliable transportation for participation in the program.

13. When do students work?

Students can work during the day, after school, during weekends and holidays. Work days can be scheduled any day of the week. It is up to the students and job partners to work out a schedule that works best. Students can work no more than 30 hours a week.

14. Do students get compensated?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,  Co-op students are considered unpaid interns and not entitled to wages for the time spent in the career accelerator. The co-op experience is for the benefit of the intern to explore potential career options through their work-based school curriculum. However, dependent on student performance students can receive incentives and scholarships.

15. Is there a dress code?

Yes. All students are required to have a professional and groomed appearance as well as dress in business casual or business professional wear.

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