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Atlanta Georgia 30308
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Career Accelerator


Step One

Tech Training

Required workshops improve workplace readiness for a career in tech, engineering or entrepreneurship.
Workshops include:

  • Tips for Succeeding on the Job
  • Illegal and Unethical Actions
  • Hands-on Soldering Workshop
  • How to Communicate to customers
  • and more.
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Step Two

Team Building

Students work together with other career tracks to form an effective team. Teams will consist of Technicians, Tech Managers, HR Managers, Social Media Managers and Marketing Managers.

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Step Three

Work Placement

Dependent on Career Track, Students will work in Hubs across the city from inside schools to inside local businesses.

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Step Four

Become your own Boss!!

Student Technicains accepted into the Pretty Tech co-op program will have the opportunity to graduate as an independent contractor. Students that complete training requirements can work for themselves with the support of Pretty Tech behind them.

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Have specific questions about the program? Read our FAQ’s here.

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