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PrettyTech’s 2018 Summer Application

Welcome to the 2018 student application for PrettyTech’s High School Job-Training Program. Please read the following carefully:

Recommendation: Review application and draft all responses in a word document prior to beginning the application. Once a page is submitted online, it cannot be edited, so make sure you are previewing and drafting before beginning!

By continuing to the next page, you are confirming you have read all information on our website, and understand program requirements, including:

  • Technicians must be a minimum of 16 years of age on or before September 1, 2018
  • Freshmen and Sophomore students will not travel but are eligible to apply for School Based HUB
  • Enrolled in a work-study program or Pretty Tech elective at your school in one of the following pathways (Electronics, Engineering & Technology, Engineering Drafting & Design, Computer Science, Programming, Game Design, Marketing & Management, Marketing Communications & Promotions, Business & Technology, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Management Pathway.)
  • Be able to commit to working between 10-15 hours each week excluding holidays and school related functions.
  • Access to cellphone, laptop and able to secure reliable transportation to company work location
  • Although not required, we highly encourage students to upload a resume and/or letter of recommendation below. While these documents are not considered in the evaluation process, they are shared with potential hosts if you are recommended for a position.

Having trouble with submission? Try a different browser, we find that Chrome and Firefox work best. If you should have any additionalquestions, please reach out to the PrettyTech team at

What To Expect

NOTE: Once application is started it is best to finish this application in one sitting.

Full Name

Your Birthdate (Please use the following format: YYYY-MM-DD)

What year will you graduate from high school?

Email Address (permanent)

Best Phone Number

Street Address (Note: The address you provide must be your local, year-round address. This address is used for determining potential internship sites. Only provide street address on this line, you will provide city, state, zip code information below.)

City, State

Zip Code

Emergency contact full name:

Emergency contact relation to you:

Emergency contact phone number:

Emergency contact email address:

What form of transportation do you intend to use?

Students who are accepted into our coop program are expected to complete a minimum of 10-15 hours per week during school hours. Do you have available time to meet this requirement?

What school do you currently attend?

What is the name of your STEM/Work-based Learning/JA Academy Coordinator?

What is your current grade level/ classification for the 2018-2019 school year?
(Note: If dual-enrolled, please select your high school grade level and the "dual enrolled" option.)
High school, FreshmanHigh school, SophomoreHigh school, JuniorHigh school, SeniorDual enrolled (select corresponding high school level)

What is your GPA?

How many STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses have you taken in total throughout your academic career?

Please select the categories from the list below that represent your skills, experiences, and interests based on coursework, extracurricular involvement, or self-study:

Considering your selections above, please describe a project or projects you have worked on using any or all of these skills.

Considering your selections above, please list any classes you have taken or training you have received that have/has assisted you in developing these skills and interests. Be sure to include:
Course/training name
When this course/training occurred
Brief description of course/training
(Example: AC 210, Intro to Accounting, Fall 2016, a course detailing the basic principles of accounting)

Please list any extracurricular or volunteer activities you participate in, including:
Timeframe/ hours
Any leadership roles you may hold within each.
(Example: Band, 2015-Present, approx. 50 hours a semester, section leader)

CV/Resume (optional)

Please provide us with the following information about yourself. We collect this information to comply with government record keeping requirements, and to conduct on-going research about our hiring practices to ensure equal employment opportunity. Providing this information is voluntary. The information will not be used to make hiring decisions, and it will not be associated with your results on the assessments. If you prefer not to answer these questions, please select the "Prefer not to answer" option.

Racial / Ethnic Background (Choose only one of the following)


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