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STEM Tinker Kits designed with girls in mind



Pretty Tech is a unique, hands-on electronics workshop designed by girls specifically with girls (aged 8-17) in mind. The end goal is to design electronics that will inspire more girls to choose engineering as a future career.

In the workshop participants solder electronic components onto specially designed circuit boards. There are plenty of Pretty Tech Tinker Kits which anyone can make – the simplest being the Starter Kit.

The excitement of Pretty Tech is learning the basics of circuits using a soldering iron. When completed correctly the tinker kit will perform a plethora of reactions, which include blinking lights, sounds or other functions.

Our kits attract a very broad range of kids and adults alike in terms of age, gender, ability, and social background. For most of them Pretty Tech is their first opportunity to construct an electronic gadget. Pretty Tech aims to broaden the exposure of girls of all ages to interactive electronics.